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Pistol Bullets

Exclusive Services

Here you will find all the information to educate you in Firearms, the training needed with proper safety and certifications as well as security protections available as well.

Education & Training

  • 1 on 1 Private Security Consultation & Training

  • Firearms Safety & Certifications

  • Firearms Training

  • Non-Lethal Weapons Training

  • NRA Student & Instructor Courses

  • Self Defense & Protection

  • Social Engineering/Advanced Security Technology Assessments/Training

  • State Firearms Certification

  • Television/Film Realism Consultation/Training

  • Trauma & Medical Courses


Houses of Worship/Faith Based Organizations

Houses of Worship and Faith Based Groups have become increasingly vulnerable to violence in our world. No individual group or faith is immune. Many religious groups and organizations are now beginning to accept the fact that they are a target and are willing to prepare. Some not only see it as a right to be prepared but as an obligation to protect their communities.


Patriot Consulting Services has been assisting Faith Based Organizations for over 15 years with vulnerability assessments and preparedness. We recognize that there are no universal solutions.  We evaluate each individual organization and tailor a program best suited for that organization. Patriot Staff are experts in security operations. We understand most importantly, that Houses of Worship and Faith Based Organization want to maintain safety while not losing sight of their missions to serve your communities in an open and welcoming way.


Private Instruction Programs

Our Private Instruction Programs are comprised of 2-hour blocks of instruction time.   Each Session is a custom program designed to meet the unique needs of each Client. Typically, private Clients have 1-2 meetings per month depending on their schedules/individual goals.


Through our Private Programs, clients build knowledge, confidence and refine their skill-sets to achieve their personal/individual goals.

Patriot Consulting also offers any of our Group Courses as Private Programs. We offer these programs to work groups, families or membership organizations or those would like a private course for their specific group. We work with the Group Leaders to tailor our group courses to meet the needs and requirements of their individual groups. 

For Private Programs, Patriot Consulting Services handles the cost of any additional fees such as targets, range time, etc. Ammunition and Firearm rentals are available for a nominal fee.  Please click the link below to inquire about our  Individual Private Program & Group Pricing,  availability or any information/program questions. 


Protective Services-Executive/Personal

Our Highly Skilled & Trained Professionals provide 24/7 armed security detail  wherever you may be, at your home, office, in public, at events or even when you travel, domestically and abroad.


Security/Risk/Threat Assessments

Our Highly Skilled Professionals meet with Clients to perform specifically tailored Security, Risk and Threats Assessments for their homes and/or businesses (Industrial & Commercial).


Strategic Relocation Services

Our Highly Skilled and Trained Professionals work with Clients who require Strategic Relocation & Strategic Relocation Planning when dealing with Active Threats against themselves, their businesses and/or their families and loved ones. 

At Patriot Consulting, we’re proud of our great Services and exceptional customer service. We employ an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about what they do and are always ready to help out.
Get all the services you need all in one place ! 

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