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Low Light Shooting-Handgun Part 1

Course Prerequisites: Essential Skills Course

Course Description

This is course is an Introduction into the world of Low Light Shooting.  This course will show the student how to safely and effectively integrate the use of a pistol with a flashlight.

Course Topics:

  • Malfunction Techniques

  • Reloading Techniques

  • Shooting in Low Light:

  • Common misconceptions with night sights 

  • With a handheld light

  • With a firearm mounted light

  • Types of Lights-LED vs Incandescent

  • Types of flashlights,  hand held techniques & flashlight activation

Equipment Needed:

  1. 100 rounds (Reloads/Remanufactured Ammunition not allowed)

  2. Ear Protection

  3. Eye Protection

  4. Handheld flashlight or a firearm mounted light

  5. Minimum of 2  Magazines and Appropriate Magazine Belt  pouches

  6. Notebook & Pen

  7. Pistol (rentals available) Click Here to Reserve your Rental- Rental-Low Light Shooting Part 1 Course

  8. Positive Attitude

  9. Sneakers/Boots (NO Dress Shoes, Flip Flops, Open Toed or Sandals)

  10. Valid Driver's License or Government Issued Identification

Course Duration: 5 Hours

Cost: $200.00 Per Student

Course Location: 5 John L Dietsch Square, North Attleborough, MA 02763

Additional Information:

​For Additional Information on Private Instruction or when this course will be available,
Please Contact a Representative from our Patriot Team.

Email us here for more information

Purchase Course Tickets for upcoming date(s) here

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