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Massachusetts License To Carry (LTC/FID)
Home Firearm Safety Course

Course Prerequisite: N/A

Course Description

This is a required course for all Massachusetts . Permits Class A, Class B, or FID card.  This course is required  for all Massachusetts  Residents and Non Residents who would like to obtain their Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC). This course and the instructors are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate to get your LTC / FID. Students must be 15 years old to take this course and receive their FID.

Course Topics:

  • Ammunition

  • Cleaning and Storing a Firearm

  • Common Shooting Errors

  • Correct Operation of Pistols and Rifles

  • Firearms Parts Overview 

  • Fundamentals of Shooting

  • Massachusetts State Firearm Laws

  • Preparing to Use a Firearm Responsibly

  • Range Fundamentals & Environment

  • Safe Firearms Handling

  • Using the Firearm for the First Time

Equipment Needed:

  1. Notebook & Pen

  2. Positive Attitude

  3. Valid Driver's License or Government Issued Identification

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: $100.00 Per Student

Course Location: 5 John L Dietsch Square, North Attleborough, MA 02763

Additional Information:

​For Additional Information on Private Instruction or when this course will be available,
Please Contact a Representative from our Patriot Team.

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