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Private Instruction Programs

Our Private Instruction Programs are comprised of 2-hour blocks of instruction time.   Each Session is a custom program designed to meet the unique needs of each Client. Typically, private Clients have 1-2 meetings per month depending on their schedules/individual goals.


Through our Private Programs, clients build knowledge, confidence and refine their skill-sets to achieve their personal/individual goals.

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Patriot Consulting also offers any of our Group Courses as Private Programs. We offer these programs to work groups, families or membership organizations or those would like a private course for their specific group. We work with the Group Leaders to tailor our group courses to meet the needs and requirements of their individual groups. 

For Private Programs, Patriot Consulting Services handles the cost of any additional fees such as targets, range time, etc. Ammunition and Firearm rentals are available for a nominal fee.  Please click the link below to inquire about our Individual Private Program & Group Pricing,  availability or any information/program questions. 

Email us here for more information

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