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Incredibly Skilled and Professional

"I have been training with Christian for 6 years. When I first met him I had only been shooting for a few weeks. I barely knew how to change a magazine or clean my firearm. He started me off with the most basic instructions on how to hold a firearm, how to check a firearm to see if it’s loaded and how to safely holster and upholster it.  I was able to tell within a few minutes that he was an incredibly skilled professional and instructor. He was able to answer every question I ever asked him and made sure I always understood the answers. Over the months and years he challenged me and progressed me to a level that I would never of thought possible for myself or any civilian to achieve. He has such a wealth of knowledge and experience to drawn on and uses it to create incredibly stressful, real world scenarios that not only leave me exhausted and sweating but confident that I am gaining proficiency  not only with the firearm but with my overall senses of awareness and judgment. I could write forever about everything I learned but I feel the best example of just how creative and real-world oriented Christian is would be with this one example. He asked me when I felt the most vulnerable. I instantly responded by saying it’s definitely when I walk my dogs every night. He asked me if I would be willing to drop their leashes if a true threat ever arose. I said NO WAY!!!! He said….. I’ll be right back.  He returned with a big duffel bag with a rope attached to it. He then took me out onto the range and had me walking back and forth dragging the bag and having to one handedly draw the firearm from concealment and shoot.(all while still holding my beloved, imaginary dogs. It’s so obvious how much Christian cares about his students. I have never left a lesson without fully understanding the “why” of everything we covered that class . It’s so easy to go home and practice something when you fully understand why you’re doing it rather than just memorizing movements and techniques. I recommend Christian and Patriot to anyone interested in improving their skill set and overall sense of confidence, awareness and personal safety.  And one more thing… he has a way of making EVERYTHING no matter how physically or mentally challenging .. fun.  Thank  you for everything you have done for my friends, family and myself."

Thank you!

David S.

Informative and Entertaining

"I took the Mass LTC course with Christian and thoroughly enjoyed it. Christian the instructor, did a great job of keeping everyone in the room engaged. He does a great job of delivering all the information in an entertaining way that makes the time fly by. I plan on taking more courses with Christian and Patriot consulting because it was both informative and entertaining."

Thank you!

Peter K

Absolutely Amazing 

"I have taken the, “Refuse to be a Victim,” class as well as having private lessons with Christian and it changed my life for the better!!! I am now more aware of my surroundings and my own ability to protect myself in a hostile situation. He is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend him and his classes."

Thank you!

Julie C

Inclusive and Fun

"Thanks again for instructing the MA LTC course on Sunday, October 3rd in North Attleboro.  The session was very informative, class time went by so quickly and you made the learning inclusive and fun."

Thank you!

Sue C

Training is Unmatched 

"Thank you so much for what you do. Over the past month I have taken 3 different courses. A lesson on decision making in stressful situations, Active Shooter: Casualty Care for the Armed Citizen, and another lesson on making better decisions under stress and reality circumstances. Being a police officer and going through these situations first hand (both stress and emergency medical situations) I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you all and your training. The reality and effectiveness of your training is unmatched by any. Your experience and skills show as instructors. Most importantly your care for people and want to share is felt and seen. Please continue to do what you all are doing. I will always continue to train with Patriot and recommend you to ALL."

Thank you!

Chris C

Patient, Knowledgeable, Impressive Teaching Style

"I benefited greatly from my time with Christian and will schedule more time soon. He provided great suggestions to help me improve my draw, grip, stance, and sight picture. His suggestions were easy to follow and apply and he was patient throughout. I like that he paused often to check my understanding and to give me opportunities to ask questions. I was impressed with his teaching style, humility, knowledge of state laws, and the amount of material that we covered in two hours. I look forward to practicing what I learned and scheduling more time with Christian."

Thank you!

Peter C

Fun & Informative

"Christian is an absolute doll. He’s so funny, actually cares about the experience you have in his class and made the entire class fun and informative. I’m that annoying girl in any class who asks way too many questions, but he welcomed my badgering with open arms and made sure I left with all of the information I needed."

Thank you!

Alison T

Patient & Knowledgeable

"Christian was a great teacher. Very patient and obviously very knowledgeable. I would like to take some of the other courses that he offers so that I can be proficient and confident."

Thank you!

Cynthia O

Hands Down, Best Instructor!

"The instructor Christian is hands down one of the best. Runs you through everything and makes it educational and entertaining."

Thank you!

Marc S

Knowledgeable & Engaging

"Christian was very knowledgeable and really broke down the Mass gun laws and was a great engaging teacher."

Thank you!

Dave M

Extremely Knowledgeable & Patient

"The instructor, Christian, was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable, very interactive and down to earth. He answered every question with ease and patience, and even added some comic relief. We would definitely recommend this course and we can’t wait to take the next course."

Thank you!

Michelle M

True Professional

"My wife, and I just completed the LTC training class taught by Christian. It was very well done by a true professional. Thank you very much for helping us learn properly."

Thank you!

Adam K

Highly Recommended

"Christian Pullano and he made it so informative and fun. Christian keeps you engaged and makes you want to learn more. If you are on the fence about taking a class here, I would highly recommend it. I will be taking further training classes with Christian as soon as I can. Top notch trainer."

Thank you!

John L

Very Knowledgeable

"Christian was very knowledgeable and taught in a way that was fun and easy to learn."

Thank you!

Debbie E

Weapon Sight and Barrel

Testimonials & Client Feedback

Testimonials & Experiences directly from Our Clients.
We greatly appreciate and always accept your feedback! 

Very Satisfied

"I attended MA/LTC training with Christian. The 4 hours flew by. Safety emphasized early and often. Christian is a true pro, with a deep background in the laws at all levels of jurisdiction. Very satisfied."

Thank you!

Rob S

Left Feeling Empowered

"Christian made all in the class feel relaxed and comfortable, he is also a wealth of information. I would highly recommend Christian to anyone looking to become more comfortable around firearms."

Thank you!

Linda T

Wealth of Information

"I attended MA/LTC training with Christian. The 4 hours flew by. Safety emphasized early and often. Christian is a true pro, with a deep background in the laws at all levels of jurisdiction. Very satisfied."

Thank you!

Richard L

Approachable, Kind, Passionate & Extremely Knowledgeable

"I first learned about Christian through my husband, who had taken several classes with him and raved about him. I have undergone hundreds of hours of firearms training with lots of different instructors and can say without hesitation that Christian is the BEST instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from...I now have had 2 classes (2.5 days of training) with Christian and I kind of wish I had started with him from the get-go, but perhaps I wouldn't fully appreciate just how good he is if I had :) He is very approachable, kind, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable not just about firearms and firearms safety but many other aspects that are relevant and important to effectively defending yourself...things like proper attitude and psychological mindset, situational awareness, and other ways to defend yourself when you don't have access to a firearm. I always feel like I should be paying him more money when I leave, because you get so much more than you pay for when Christian is your instructor. For anyone who is feeling intimidated about taking a firearms course, please check this guy out. I promise you the experience will be positive, fun, interesting, and you will learn TONS of useful stuff. For those of you who think you know everything about firearms, check this guy out. You WILL learn completely new ways of looking at things that you'd never thought of before. I very much look forward to future instruction under him."

Thank you!

Beth D

Real World Training

"I am a Marine with combat experience and a retired police officer of 22 years and an adjunct instructor at Smith & Wesson. Since 1985, I have, in some way shape or form, been in the firearms instructor business. A couple of years ago, a friend told me I needed to take a class with this guy Christian Pullano because of the way he taught and the way he looks at the gun world. So, off I went, with my friend, on a Sunday afternoon/evening. The class was a Skills Class and I had no expectations, just an open mind. I met Christian and immediately felt at ease, that there was no hierarchy. Christian separated me from my friend and class started. Safety safety safety. Weapons check weapons check weapons check. We are here to learn and have fun, Christian told us several times. 15 minutes into the class and I already know that Christian is a professional, the kind of professional that has earned his skill set and methods by doing them for real. The class was fantastic. I was pushed a little harder than others because of my skill set, while others were pushed to their level of knowledge. I found the class impressive, current and relevant to today's world. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though I struggled from time to time because of my old habits and trying to learn Christian's methods. Christian knows the subject matter, knows how to take into account someone's skills and how to better them and last but not least, Christian is just one hell of a good man! If you want real world training, there is none finer!"

Thank you!

Jeff C

A Leader in the field of Firearms Instruction

"Last year my wife and I were researching where the best place was locally to take the NRA Pistol Instructors Course. After looking at a few different options we decided to go with Christian Pullano of Patriot Consulting Services. The instruction we received was second to none. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and straight forward. He was able to present the information so that it was easy to understand and retain. He took the time to answer any questions we had and made sure that we all understood. Then to check on our learning he had us put the information we had just received into action through practical exercises and role playing. So not only was he teaching us how to become excellent instructors, but he had us put it to use right away and gave us valuable constructive criticism on how we could improve. I would recommend Patriot Consulting Services to anyone who is looking to get started in the instructor side of the firearms industry. Their vast knowledge and years of experience make them a leader in their field."

Thank you!

Lawrence S

Very Knowledgeable & Highly Enthusiastic

"I am a Marine with combat experience and a retired police officer of 22 years and an adjunct instructor at Smith & Wesson. Since 1985, I have, in some way shape or form, been in the firearms instructor business. A couple of years ago, a friend told me I needed to take a class with this guy Christian Pullano because of the way he taught and the way he looks at the gun world. So, off I went, with my friend, on a Sunday afternoon/evening. The class was a Skills Class and I had no expectations, just an open mind. I met Christian and immediately felt at ease, that there was no hierarchy. Christian separated me from my friend and class started. Safety safety safety. Weapons check weapons check weapons check. We are here to learn and have fun, Christian told us several times. 15 minutes into the class and I already know that Christian is a professional, the kind of professional that has earned his skill set and methods by doing them for real. The class was fantastic. I was pushed a little harder than others because of my skill set, while others were pushed to their level of knowledge. I found the class impressive, current and relevant to today's world. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though I struggled from time to time because of my old habits and trying to learn Christian's methods. Christian knows the subject matter, knows how to take into account someone's skills and how to better them and last but not least, Christian is just one hell of a good man! If you want real world training, there is none finer!"

Thank you!

Jeff C

A Captivating & Amazing Experience

"I recently had the pleasure of taking the NRA Pistol Instructor course through Patriot Consulting and the experience was so overwhelmingly positive that I felt the need to write about it. The course was instructed by Christian Pullano who’s credentials of real life applications and knowledge was evident in how the class was presented. I have been shooting firearms for many years and I have a great passion in sharing the great joy of shooting with others. I always tried stressing safety and good fundamentals when trying to teach others about guns, however I could never fully translate the knowledge in my mind properly to instruct these individuals. I had been contemplating taking the NRA Pistol Instructor course for some time and to give it a try. Wow I am glad I did, and I wish that I hadn’t waited so long!


Christian is an amazing instructor and has the ability to captivate you so that you are hungry for more and more information and knowledge. Christian’s passion and attention to detail is contagious to all in his classroom. I really liked how Christian used humor and encouragement to make me feel comfortable and to bring me out of my shell as I can be shy at times. Christian also uses real life applications to make topics relevant and tangible instead of just words in a book. I can’t say enough about what an amazing experience taking this course was, but Christian is the real deal. He took a nervous, under-qualified, and intimidated student and turned me into a confident, educated, and eager NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. I believe in myself and my abilities to teach others now because Christian believes in me! I strongly recommend that you take any one of the number of courses that Patriot Consulting offers. I am absolutely going to take more courses with Christian and I am excited to apply what I have learned from him to my life."

Thank You!

JD, Jr

Thoughtful & Precise Instruction

"I have taken many classes with Christian as well as private instruction. I have found him to be a very patient, polite, and knowledgeable instructor and always sensitive to the needs of his students. I have found his instruction to always be thoughtful and precise. He ensures that his students are always safe and always works towards making sure they learn what they came to him for. I look forward to continuing with him as my instructor."

Thank You!


Gained Valuable Experience

"I’m not great with words but Christian really is a great instructor and I’ve learned more from him than any other instructor. I have taken several of Christian’s classes the past few years and I realized that I still have a lot to learn. I’ve attended his basic firearms classes and progressed to his tactical classes, and I find him to be an awesome instructor who truly cares about all his students. He was my instructor for the Chief Range Safety Officer certification I received, and I found that to be the best classes and learning experiences since I started shooting over the last thirty years. I always look forward to his upcoming courses because I know I will gain valuable experience from his instruction."

Thank You!


Empowering & Incredible Trainer

"Christian’s training has empowered me to be confident in the safe handling of firearms. He is a genuine person and an incredible trainer; I recommend him and his style of training to everyone."

Thank You!


Practical & Highly Professional

"Recently, I have had the pleasure of taking several firearm courses with Christian. He is a highly professional and thorough individual. The course presentation is very easy to understand and very practical. What I also appreciated was his insistence on firearm safety throughout the class. I plan on continuing with Christian and am very excited to learn more from him. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me” Thanks, Christian."

Thank You!


Humble & Flawlessly Consistient

"I have had the pleasure of training with Christian Pullano. He is an absolute professional in all aspects of the term. Christian’s philosophy is to always provide more then is expected and he always delivers. Safety is his primary focus and I have always observed him to be flawlessly consistent in his safety procedures. I consider him a mentor, and I know that makes him a bit uncomfortable because, above all, Christian is a humble professional. He embodies the humility that only comes from true confidence. I am proud to consider him a friend and teacher."

Thank You!

JD, US Marine Scout/Sniper

Fun, Even Tempered & Effective

"Christian Pullano is a through, even tempered, and effective instructor. I have worked with Mr. Pullano on multiple occasions, both in group and private classes and I have always come away with a better understanding of firearms, tactics and shooting form. Beside he is just plain fun to work with! I highly recommend Mr. Pullano for everyone that needs a firearms instructor."

Thank You!

Tom H

Promotes Firearm Safety & Confidence for my Family

"My absolute priority in life has always been to provide safety and protection for my family. Christian has proven to be one of the most valuable assets when it comes to my family's security. As gun owners, my family has long thought that we were prepared to defend ourselves if needed. I had always considered myself proficient around firearms. My very first lesson with Christian was an eye opener. We learned techniques and procedures that made me far more knowledgeable, and confident than ever. My family's knowledge of firearms safety and proper handling has not only increased our feeling of security but has also strengthened our confidence in having firearms in our home. His instruction methods are paced perfectly for all levels and his attention and dedication to safety is inspiring. I cannot convey strongly enough how much safer I feel after one of his sessions."

Thank You!


Real World Expertise & Safety Focused

"I have been training with Christian of Patriot Consulting for over a year and am extremely satisfied with his services. I have taken various classes including: situational awareness, CCW courses, and defensive drills. Christian has a wonderful teaching style, making his courses both fun and informative. More importantly, Christian brings his real world expertise to the classroom, teaching critical skills for gun owners. Even though the courses deal with firearms, and often live fire situations, I feel completely safe due to Christian's extreme focus on safety. The highest praise I can give to Christian is this; I value his training and trust his approach enough that I have begun bringing my son to train with Christian. I learn something new from Christian every time I work with him, whether it's a 3-hour class, or even just a casual conversation. Always looking forward to the next opportunity to train with the best instructor around!"

Thank You!


Increased Confidence in Firearm Handling

" I have been training with Christian Pullano for the past 3 months during which I have had 8 hours of training. I can’t speak highly enough of Christian’s training abilities. He first assesses the trainee’s basic shooting skill. He evaluates stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger pull. He then suggests ways to improve those skills but never in a dogmatic way. What he does best is to take into consideration the person’s abilities that he is training and tailor the session specifically to that person in a calm, respectful manner. I have arthritis in my right shoulder, so he customized his suggestions to make that a non-issue. In a very short time, I developed a dramatic increase in confidence in my shooting abilities (a goal Christian aspires to implant). That helped me to eradicate a terrible flinching problem that I had been battling for 2 years. My wife has also trained with Christian. Her comment after her first session was that Christian should teach other teachers how to teach. Very high praise from my wife.
Shooting is fun. Christian amplifies that in all his training methods. In a word, he is awesome."

Thank You!


Learn to Shoot-Safely, Reliably & Accurately

"I have been attending Christian Pullano’s monthly Defensive Drills shooting classes in North Attleboro for eight months. The classes draw from Christian’s real-world experience. This is reflected in the classes which focus on training for real-world scenarios. Students can use handguns, rifles or both according to their preference. Each class splits half and half between classroom training with dry-fire drills followed by live fire time on the range. This is not your typical stand-and-shoot-at-paper-targets type of experience. Drills and live fire exercises include shoot and move, shoot from behind cover, shoot while rescuing an injured party, admin, tac, and speed reloads, proper grip, draw, and firearm handling, one-handed firearm manipulation and shooting (including using only the support hand), and so on. Given the wide scope of the classes safety is paramount and is Christian’s first priority at all times. There are strict procedures for where live ammunition is allowed (only checked-in at the front desk or on the range – NEVER in the classroom) and for the checking, benching, holstering, and safe handling of all firearms, including proper application of safety mechanisms and de-cockers, etc. Safety protocols are rigorously enforced at all times, both on the range and in the classroom to avoid creating potentially dangerous training scars. Christian is an excellent teacher (apart from his jokes and ancient music and movie references!). Christian is experienced and secure enough in his knowledge to know that there are often different techniques available to the shooter. He is always willing to suggest alternatives he has used himself, so students can find what works best for themselves individually. Christian also helps students identify the strengths and weaknesses of different firearms so each student can select the most appropriate platform. I can unreservedly recommend Christian Pullano’s Defensive Drills training classes to anyone who wants to learn to shoot safely, reliably, and accurately in real-life situations and have fun while learning. The classes I have attended have included active serving police and military personnel, all of whom stated they learned valuable skills in Christian’s classes that went above and beyond their previous firearms training."

Thank You!


Highest Degree of Professionalism & Safety

" Training with Christian Pullano of Patriot Consulting is an excellent experience. Christian brings real world experience to his classes with a bit of humor and the ability to effectively address students of varied skills and backgrounds. Ensures all of his students are appropriately challenged in a very positive environment. Start to finish, all instruction maintains the highest degree of professionalism and safety. Christian's instruction has made me a better, more confident, and safer shooter."

Thank You!


Effective, Compassionate, Experienced, Methodical instructor

"For anyone that does not want to read through my review and just wants the meat and potatoes. The answer is "Yes". If you’re thinking about doing some training with Patriot Consulting don't hesitate, just do it. Check your calendar and make sure you’re not having a major surgery (everything else can be rescheduled) and jump online and register. You will definitely have fun, learn a ton and not be disappointed. Defensive Shooting Drills course: Further breakdown. A few thoughts on why you should train, and why you should do it with Patriot Consulting...

First off, I have serious respect for Christian Pullano. I fear that my testimonial will not do justice as to the impact he has had on me as a teacher. Let me start by saying that I feel people buy firearms for many different reasons, and with vastly different expectations on what they plan to get out of them. A few years back I decided to step up my game. If I was going to have, and be regularly using a variety of firearms, there was no excuse for me not to be as trained and proficient as possible in their operation. I'm not the type of person that just wants to get by with his current skill set. I desire the opportunity to learn, improve and receive criticism as I'm tested. It is because of this that I have sought out and participated in a variety of different tactical defense type classes from many of the private training groups. It was the pursuit to further educate myself and increase my skills that led me to obtain my NRA Pistol instructor certification of which Christian was my NRA training councilor. It was after watching his approach to firearm safety and education that I decided I needed to continue to work with him. With a heavy emphasis on safety, he really wants you to learn and have fun. I feel fortunate that as a civilian we have the opportunity to even take part in the type of live fire training he offers. He is punctual to a T, and as his watch alarm beeps the lecture portions of class often fly by. Expect to hear a slew of jokes, some funny and some funny that someone actually said it with a straight face. As often as he can Christian shares real world experience, ranging from working at a shooting range, instructing NRA classes, personal security to active duty combat. Situations that enrich the understanding of the skills you are learning and often give meaning to actions that he asks to you repeat. He talks of the importance of learning slow and systematically so that later we can react fast and with purpose. It’s been my experience that it’s easy for law enforcement and military personal to come off as kind of cocky and elite, especially when they are telling you about what they have done, seen, and know. When I hear a story in class from Christian the take home is never, "look what I did" or "I'm such a badass” but learn from this so that you will be safer and function at a higher level when it happens to you. I have taken enough classes with Christian that I have seen his methods at work; he is also great about picking up on your level of comfort and pushing you. During his defensive drills course, you can expect a different format every month. Classes usually start with safety and dry fire drills, and you gain the understanding that a class does not need to be a high round count to be valuable and effective. These drills can be later practiced at home again and again and again. Once the classroom portion of the course is done it’s time for live fire. Every class is different. One might focus more on forward and backward movement, another on barricade cover, lateral movement etc. Even within the class he will ask something different from each participant depending on their equipment, physical condition and experience. Always fresh, always new, always a blast.

One thing that really sets Christian apart is an overwhelming sense that it really is a pleasure for him to be able to work with YOU. Expect to see him individually meeting and greeting every member of the class before instruction starts and thanking them each for coming. As well as asking everyone how they enjoyed their experience and thanking them again for the opportunity to be able to work with them. If everyone learns something and felt safe doing so it’s a good day for all. I would feel comfortable referring anyone I know to work with him. From former law enforcement or military personal, the weekend shooter, to the newbie know-it-all, or even my own mother. He is the type of effective, compassionate, experienced, methodical instructor that I hope I can one day become."

Thank You!

Marc T., DVM

Outstanding Experience

" Training with Christian Pullano of Patriot Consulting is an excellent experience. Christian brings real world experience to his classes with a bit of humor and the ability to effectively address students of varied skills and backgrounds. Ensures all of his students are appropriately challenged in a very positive environment. Start to finish, all instruction maintains the highest degree of professionalism and safety. Christian's instruction has made me a better, more confident, and safer shooter."

Thank You!

MACE Security International 
Survival Armor

United Shield International

Transformed from a Novice to a Confident Shooter

"I was first introduced to Christian by a friend who is a Police Officer, Federal Firearms Training Instructor and works as consultant for S&W. He suggested I take a group class with Christian. I took the defensive drills class. At the last minute my friend got called into work and I went on my own. A little apprehensive, concerned my lack of experience and novice ability would be a problem somehow. Concerned I would hold class up or leave a bad impression with the teacher who I had hoped to train with, couldn't have been more wrong. The easy, relaxed mannerism of Christian seems to put each person at ease. The low-key sense of respect and a desire to follow his instruction speaks to the other student’s opinion of his obvious ability.


From the casual introductions, which were a thinly veiled assessment to best pair up students in teams to best match personalities and skill levels the relaxed easy confidence which Christian carries himself is evident. As the safety checks and review go on, he quietly walks thru the room interacting with each student and their weapons. Every student checks each weapon several times. The commitment to safety at first seems over the top but as you go through you realize added benefits of these checks in having the class interact and explain their own weapons and demonstrate. By the repeated safety checks the importance of safety pervades all aspects of the instruction. This emphasis on safety never stops even in a class room setting where there is no ammo in the room. I have since brought a novice shooter and he was impressed and grateful for the emphasis on safety, but in that group setting, my concerns about an intimidating atmosphere were completely unnecessary. His humility and professionalism set a tone, but it is still fun at the same time. This isn't some instructor barking drills at you. It's a professional quietly walking thru lessons with humor and self-deprivation. All students are engaged and challenged to their own levels.


When mistakes, training scars and accidents are discussed, his own self-deprecating humor makes it feel ok to make the mistake, identify it and correct it. His ability to use self-analysis and incorporating observations of others as tools of instruction is incredible. This class had active duty service members, veterans, law enforcement, and hobby shooters. And the skill levels as varied as well. His demeanor and professionalism made it a very level platform for all His knowledge and confidence create a great atmosphere for learning. His experience allows him to provide real world scenarios and able to take complex and difficult things and break them down into easy to understand parts Able to take a skill and put in context of practical examples, applications. How a particular drill or skill plays into a larger picture. Christian’s quiet confidence allows the lesson to be the loudest voice in the room, not the instructor. His ability and experience create a great atmosphere for learning. Emphasis on safety and the basic skills the framework is provided for self-evaluation on your own. And the some of the visualization drills strengthen the understanding and the steps involved in a complex activity.


One of the greatest values is the lessons don't really end with the class. I leave the class with things to work on and ways to further develop my own skills in my own life. Then to circle back to instruction to progress and build on the foundations that Christian quietly builds within each of his students.


The humility and quiet professionalism help to break down any gaps in skills and experience between people in the class. This allows the novice to stand on even ground with the serving military / LE. Even in the first classes never felt as anyone was judging or competition.


I have gone to add private instruction with Christian to bolster the group classes for a year now. Christian's passion for teaching is infectious. His ability and style have taken me from a novice to a confident shooter across several platforms. From an interest to a passion. The lessons discipline I have learned has been applicable in many different ways. Taking a whole world of guns and being able to separate it into three basic aspects, Safety, breaking each and every action down into simple repeatable steps, and how and when to effectively apply these skills.


The positivity, easy demeanor allow an atmosphere that allows a student to be self-critical, learn yet do this in a non-pressured setting. We were able to develop some goals and a program for development. I have exceeded all my expectations and continue to set higher goals to develop as a safe responsible shooter."

Thank You!


Build a Solid Foundation of Safety & Fundamentals

" I have been lucky to be able to take a number of classes with Christian. His teaching style is a huge strength that allows a student to be able to learn in a manner that helps to maximize their retention. I truly enjoy his focus on safety and fundamentals that allow each student to build their skill and knowledge set. Whether taking a basic class or working on more complex ideas and concepts Christian has an excellent style and is a wealth of knowledge. The concepts that Christian teaches are applicable anywhere and are built on a solid foundation. I have never heard him teach the "do it because I say so" method. I look forward to any opportunity I have to attend any class that Christian is teaching."

Thank You!
Chris S

Natural Ability to Engage Students and Make Learning Fun

"One of the things I like most about life is when I meet a person like Christian. He is an exciting, person to be around. His personnel skills are off the charts, he has a natural ability to engage people, and I believe he really cares about people, which I think is awesome. He also has a knack for making learning fun.

He is also a true bad ass although he works constantly not to show it. I have run across men like him in the past and learned the hard way. When I was a younger man, I started trouble with an ex SAS operator who tuned me up in about 2 seconds in a bar in Boston. That cost me many bricks out of that huge wall of male ego, 48 stitches to the face, and 2 pints of blood but, I learned, I survived. Never underestimate the enemy!!!

I am a huge believer in training and Christian. Therefore, I will be enrolling in every course he teaches, so I can teach my family to be safe."

Thank You!


Achieved My Goal... to Carry Safely & Confidently

" I was referred to Christian by another satisfied client of his. Training at this level sounded like an intimidating process and at first and I did not know what to expect. Following my first meeting with Christian I knew I was on the right track. He is equal parts gentleman and expert. He takes the work very seriously, but he makes our training time a pleasure. He helped me achieve my goal of obtaining my CCW permit and I have carried safely and with confidence since. I can't say enough good things about this guy - he is fantastic."

Thank You!

Motivates the Pursuit of Excellence in his Students

"As a lifelong and avid long-distance target shooter, I've had the opportunity to train with a number of excellent rifle instructors, including the Chief Firearms Instructor for the FBI, a former Marine Scout Sniper Instructor, and Christian Pullano. By far, Christian was and is my favorite instructor for both private and group lessons in precision scoped rifle, and pistol. His classes always fill up early because he is known and admired for his knowledge and experience and his ability to motivate the pursuit of excellence in his students. Christian is always cordial and encouraging but won't accept second best from any of his students. In my opinion you won't find a better firearms instructor anywhere."

Thank You!


Well Organized, Knowledgeable & Safety Oriented Professional

"As an older woman in her 60’s, I was looking to begin and expand my firearm knowledge with someone that would help build my confidence and teach me correctly. I am thankful I came across Christian Pullano as a Firearms Instructor. I have attended quite a few of Christian’s courses from Basic Safety to Pistol Instructor and find he is a very knowledgeable, safety-oriented professional. His enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge gives you a deeper appreciation for firearms and makes the classroom more like a group of friends discussing a very important subject than a classroom lecture. Christian’s humor ensures the students are relaxed and he creates a very pleasant learning environment that keeps your attention by involving all individuals present. I have always had all the time I needed to ask questions and, no matter how ridiculous the question may be, I didn’t feel intimidated or unimportant with his responses. He expertly goes through the laws and how they affect us and how to be safe when handling firearms both on and off the range. His classes are always well organized, and he presents different scenarios to ensure we are all aware of what is out there. By the end of class I feel you have gained confidence in your ability to properly address any situation that may arise. Also impressive is his follow-through. At the end of each class he gives you his card and stresses if you have any future questions to contact him. If your goal is to be confident and receive thorough knowledge on the subject of firearms, I highly recommend you attend one or more of Christian’s classes."

Thank You!
Christina R

A Delightful Educational Experience

"I took the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course with Christian Pullano late last year and found it to be a delightfully educational experience! Christian is a great instructor with many years of experience, very safety conscious, and has a great attitude. I learned so much from his class that I cannot wait to begin my own journey as an NRA instructor."

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Highly Recomended

"Great training from an expert instructor. All of his services are highly recommended.

Thank You!

Ed S, Retired LEO

Professional & Knowledgable

"Better late then never! A few weekends ago I took a private instruction with Christian. This was my second class that I took with him, and the first word that comes to mind is fantastic. Christian is very professional and knowledgeable. As a young female shooter I am constantly having to "prove" my knowledge and abilities, but never felt that way with him. Christian tailors each course too the students taking it. I really appreciate what he has done for me as a shooter, and can't wait to take another class with him."

Thank You!

Nicki J

Extremely Pleased

"I took the active shooter combat casualty course and am extremely pleased with the course. Both Christian AND Russ were awesome instructors. Their different backgrounds combined made for a perfect class. I learned way more than I thought I would and they really hammered home how your mindset is equally important as your skill set. This training is not something you will find on the internet. We left class with a stocked IFAK kit and the ability to use it. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and take this course and other courses from patriot consulting services. Thank you"

Thank You!

Dan C

Great Teaching Style and Approach

"I practice concealed carry, and wanted the Mrs. to know how to handle and clear my loaded firearm should something ever happen to me. It took some convincing, but she did agree to take the Mass LTC/Home Firearm Safety Course together, a class which I also needed for my Mass carry.

I've taken three other classes at Patriot - Utah, Essential Skills, and Into CCW, and I plan on finishing out the CCW courses Christian offers.

Before Christian's class she did not want to touch or handle a firearm, and really wanted no part of my "hobby." After his class, now she wants to take the next step and learn how to shoot! "Essential Skils" here she comes! She said it was Christian's style and approach which changed her mind.

Very close family friends, my cousin, several co-workers, myself, and now the Mrs., ALL train with Christian. 100% satisfied. 5 Stars."

Thank You!

Joey D

Thorough and Safety Oriented

"Took a basic firearm safety course with Christian and couldn't be happier. Never shot or even held a gun before and he was very patient and worked at my speed. Very thorough in giving step by step directions and how to be safe and have fun. Great guy and will be taking more courses with him."

Thank You!

Kevin B

Relevant & Extremely Beneficial

"I did a private lesson with Christian last night with my husband and could not be more happy or excited to learn more! He made everything so relevant to me and specifically asked what my goals were. Being a mother he helped me and pointed out specific things that will be extremely beneficial when I have my children. He worked so well with my husband and I who are at different levels of ability and made us feel so comfortable learning while keeping everything extremely safe. I recommend Patriot Consulting Services to anyone and everyone and will surely will be continuing my training with them. Thank you Christian!"

Thank You!

Meredeth C

Recommended for Friends & Family

"Just completes my basic fire arms safety course with Christian. Very knowledgeable and breaks it down so every person can understand. How to handle and shoot a weapon no matter if they have never even handled one before. He changed my grip and that helped me keyhole in the black. Which I never have done Haha. I would recommend his class to all my friends and family. And I plan on taking more classes with the wife in the future."

Thank You!

Paul G

Level of Instruction-Excellent

"I have taken a few courses and trainings with Patriot over the last few years, and I will definitely continue doing so in the future. The pace and level of instruction are excellent and cater to a wide variety of skill levels. Christian is an excellent source of knowledge and strives very hard to provide the very best information and training to all students. The new medical and trauma aid course offerings are excellent and are an absolute MUST for anyone in virtually any field. And for those with tighter purse strings, this is TOP level training that won't break the bank. Cannot recommend enough."

Thank You!

Peter S

Absolutely Recommended

"Just completed the Utah CCW class with Christian. I have taken another class with him before and am was impressed. He takes the time to make it educational but not to the boring point. I think it may be the horrible jokes that keeps everyone paying attention lol. But in all seriousness he really knows his stuff and I will continue to use him as a go to to learn more about firearms and the like. I'd absolutely recommend him to anyone I know. He gives great knowledge and then some to everyone who participates in his classes."

Thank You!

Mark S

Top Notch

"Just took Christians Utah CCW class last night and the whole class was top notch!!!! He went above and beyond what he had to do to just complete the utah class and got not only a great refresh on some subjects but also learned some great new stuff. Can"t wait to take some his other classes very soon."

Thank You!

Luis C

Recommended for Friends & Family

"Great instructor, even better person! His way of making you conceptualize the information that you need to retain in any of his courses is nothing short of amazing. Once a month I will do my best to take a course that he offers!!"

Thank You!

Anthony E

Informative & Beyond the Minimum

"I’ve taken several courses with Christian. He always puts on a very informative class and goes well beyond the minimum."

Thank You!

Casey G

Down to Earth Approach

"Very informative. A 5 hour class seemed like 2 hours. His experience and down to earth approach made the class not only safe, but "real world". I would recommend his services to anyone."

Thank You!

Mike K

Incredible Learning Session

"Christian is a master at his craft and, even more importantly, masterful at bringing the subject matter down to the level of his students. I was fortunate to spend time with Christian during his "Essentials" course. His ability to bring the knowledge and vast experience from his world into the world of a beginner shooter makes for an incredible learning session. His skill set, confidence and comfort with the subject matter makes working with him relaxing, fun and educational. Our time in the classroom gave me the foundation to understand what I am supposed to do and what it means to be a gunfighter. I cannot thank him enough for the hands-on work we did in the range. He amazes with his skills and his ability to show me how I can build, reach and re-cast performance plateaus. Thanks to Christian, I have the exercises and drills to develop my own set of skills and be a better student and gunfighter."


"Christian is an amazing instructor. Highly recommend him and his approach to instruction. His passion for doing this for the right reasons clearly comes out in the way his teaches. Great man with a lot of information to share."

Thank You!

Scott  M

One of the Best Classess

"This was one of the best classes I've ever taken. Christian is an excellent teacher; he was able to impress the safety and responsible on us while keeping the class light and humorous. The full day class flew by. Christian is ridiculously knowledgeable and a great resource."

Thank You!

Trish C

Outstanding Courses

"I have taken many instructional courses with Christian Pullano . I received my NRA instructor and Range safety officer qualification . He is an outstanding Firearms instructor . I've also taken his Defensive Drills Courses to prepare you in real world situations that may occur. If you are a license to carry person or you wish to get a LTC his courses are outstanding. It doesn't matter if you are a experienced shooter or a brand new shooter you will definitely benefit from the Training that Christian Pullano offers. Thank you Christian for being a great firearms instructor."

Thank You!

Mike O
VP of RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

Extremely Thorough & Safety is Top Priority

"I have taken two classes with Christian thus far. He is a terrific instructor. His classes are extremely thorough, and safety is the number one priority (as it should be). No questions go unanswered. He is personable, intelligent, skilled, and humorous. He has the ability to make a 5 hour class fly. I highly recommend Christian's courses."

Thank You!

Michelle C

Most Informative Class I've Taken

"We had a family night out at AFS with Instructor Pullano of Patriot Consulting and his Essential Skills Course. Some of us needed a refresher and some were new and nervous about the idea. Guns may not be for everyone, but this class is! If you are curious or have the desire to learn about safety, carrying, firing and accuracy, Patriot Consulting has courses for every level. There were constant weapons checks providing an absolutely safe environment. Our class was the most informative I have ever taken and Instructor Pullano was so methodical in his teaching to each student individually and his attention to safety was "freakish" in the best possible way. I observed him with each student and I was amazed at the level of detail and time he gave each one of us. This class was led by a true professional, it was well planned, easy to follow, fun as hell and he motivated you to do your best. I'm blown away at all of the tweeks he made on my grip, stance and follow through. I got a lot better in just in a few hours. Big thanks to Christian, from our family to yours!"

Thank You!
John M

Life Skills we Should be Teaching our Kids

"I have completed 3 courses with Patriot to date: MA LTC, Essential Skills and Trauma Care For EDC (First Aid for the Responsible Citizen). This experience in a word is AMAZING. Safety is paramount, the material is intense and exciting. The instructor is a pro. Capable, experienced, humble and relatable. These are life skills we should be teaching our kids!"

Thank You!

Kristina M

Practical Real World Application

"I have been training with Patriot Consulting for several years now and overwhelmingly recommend their training services without hesitation. Students of all experience levels will benefit from the professional instruction offered.

-   Safety focus is paramount and consistent, as it should be

-  Courses are professionally structured and based on practical/real-world application

-  Instructor personally tailors each student's training regiment based on experience level

-  Staff attitude is contagiously positive, continuously building student confidence"

Thank You!
Chris N

Passion for Safety & Security

"Christian is an absolute professional with a passion for safety and security. He brings humor and human interest to the classroom, along with an amazing eye for technique, stance and grip to offer extremely helpful advice for improving. My day at the range yesterday was vastly different after having taken the Essential Skills class with Christian on Friday. Thank you!!"

Thank You!

Lori R-N

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